Nugs are animals that populate the underground locations of Thedas. They are small, hairless, nearly blind creatures with pointed snouts for digging.[1] They resemble a cross between a rabbit and a pig, or a naked mole rat or an aardvark.


They are harmless and docile omnivores which are known to eat almost anything they find on the cavern floors, including insects, worms, and when the pickings are lean, limestone and simple metals. Because of their frequent diggings in shallow pools and mud pits, the dwarves gave them the nickname of "mud splashers". Nugs can also be found in Orzammar as domesticated pets.[1]

Nugs also provide an ample supply of food for the dwarves. Nugs are such an integral part of the dwarven diet that Varen, a former Legionnaire, became a Paragon after he discovered that nugs were edible.[2] They can be prepared in a variety of ways such as nug pancakes and nug-gets.[2] King Ansgar Aeducan adored nug-seared on a hot metal plate and finished in the oven—and dressed in a cream sauce flavoured with deep mushrooms.[2]

They are described as being poorly adapted for any non-temperate environments and serving as prey to many different creatures, but still somehow managing to proliferate.[3]

A feature of nugs often treated as "creepy" is the fact that all their limbs end in appendages very similar to hands. This characteristic is also present in their larger relatives.


Dragon Age: Origins

Nug HoDA

Nug tier progression in Heroes of Dragon Age

The Warden encounters nugs in the Commons, and may chase after lost ones to help out the Nug Wrangler Boermor. Additionally, a cute nug can be procured from the Idle Dwarf in Dust Town, which can be gifted to Leliana. She will then name it Schmooples.

If the Warden has sided with the werewolves during the Nature of the Beast quest line, one of the lost nugs from Orzammar may be offered to Emissary Bulfa in the Party Camp as a snack.

If the Warden asks Sanga, proprietor of The Pearl, to "surprise me", they may wake up next to two nugs, and then fall down shortly after.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Nugs are passive enemies in multiple locations, whose hides can be used in crafting.

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Dragon Age: Inquisition.

After purchasing the Mystery Box at the Summer Bazaar in Val Royeaux from Deraboam, the Inquisitor receives a golden nug statue that serves as a lure. The War Table operation "The Big One?" then becomes available, where the lure is used to attract a fearsome cousin of the nug: the Greater Nuggalope, also known as the "Deth Nug". Five other breeds of Nuggalope are captured for the Inquisition's stables: Greater Nuggalope, Knuckled Thunderer, Gwaren Land-Hammer, Battle Nug, and Tiddles Majoris.

During the Inquisitor's descent into the depths of the Deep Roads, they find writings by Paragon Ebryan about the Nug King. The Inquisitor can then travel to a secluded cavern where hordes of nugs are traveling to by undergoing a leap of faith. The Inquisitor then meets the Nug King after gifting it with a wheel of cheese. The Nug King comically judges the Inquisitor with regal squeaks while a tribe of nugs look on.



Tier progression of all "Nugly Sweater" Nugs in Heroes of Dragon Age

  • Heroes of Dragon Age features playable nugs. The base character set includes "Nug", a common beast having the lowest starting power and health attributes in the game. The rare "Wintersend Nug" became available in the holiday-themed Wintersend pack. Six additional nug variations having considerably higher stats and special abilities became available on April 1, 2014: the "Corrupted Nug", "Mage Nug" and "Noble Nug" (rare); "Fluffy" and "Spike" (epic); and Schmooples (legendary).
  • Kirkwall declared the common nug a noxious vermin in 5:20 Exalted over fears that the animals carried the Blight. The extermination became known as the Battle of Squealing Plains. It is not spoken of in polite company.[4]
  • In December, 2014, Heroes of Dragon Age offered a series of four "Nugly Sweater" nug heroes for free to celebrate the holiday season.
  • In March, 2015, Heroes of Dragon Age introduced the epic Chocolate Nug, to celebrate Easter, as the top banner price during a PvP event.
  • Nugs seem to be related to Tuskets as Tuskets also drop Nugskin on kills.
  • Cole states that when nugs nuzzle a person's hand, it is its way of calling that person a friend.


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