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Novice Lightning Rune

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|style = {{{style|}}}
|name = [[Novice Lightning Rune]]
|name=[[Novice Lighting Rune]]
|description = This symbol is the old [[Tevinter Imperium|Tevinter]] rune for tempest.
|description=This symbol is the old Tevinter rune for tempest.
|type = [[Runes (Origins)|Rune]] - [[Weapon runes (Origins)|Weapon rune]]
|value = 6000
|icon = ru_charged_novice.png
|effects = {{ColorPositiveStat|+1 Electrical Damage}}
|stats={{ColorPositiveStat|+1 Electrical Damage}}
|location = [[Bodahn Feddic]] <small>([[Party Camp]])</small> <br> Ambassador [[Cera]] <small>([[Vigil's Keep - Throne Room]])</small> <br> [[Sandal]] <small>([[Apprentice Quarters]])</small>
|appearances=''[[Dragon Age: Origins]]''
|notes = Sold by [[Bodahn Feddic]] at the [[Party Camp]], Ambassador [[Cera]] at [[Vigil's Keep - Throne Room]] and [[Sandall]] at the [[Apprentice Quarters]] in ''[[Witch Hunt]]'' [[Downloadable content (Origins)|DLC]].
|item_id = gen_im_upg_cry_nov_chr
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|appearances = [[Dragon Age: Origins]]
'''Novice Lightning Rune''' is a [[Weapon runes (Origins)|weapon rune]] in ''[[Dragon Age: Origins]]''.
== Acquisition ==
=== ''Dragon Age: Origins'' ===
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Sold by [[Bodahn Feddic]] in the [[Party Camp]] for {{Currency|9000}}.
=== ''Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening'' ===
Ambassador [[Cera]] sells unlimited quantities of this rune in the [[Vigil's Keep - Throne Room|throne room]] of [[Vigil's Keep]] for {{Currency|6600}}.
=== ''Witch Hunt'' ===
[[Sandal]] sells unlimited quantities of this rune in the [[Apprentice Quarters]] of the [[Circle Tower]] in ''[[Witch Hunt]]'' [[Downloadable content (Origins)|DLC]] for {{Currency|6900}}.
[[ru:Руна новичка: молния]]
[[Category:Dragon Age: Origins weapon runes]]
[[Category:Lightning runes]]
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