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Notices of Death is a quest received from The Blackstone Irregulars Quest Board in Denerim. The Warden must deliver death notification letters to the wives of four deceased soldiers.


The Warden has to actually choose the option to deliver the letters as opposed to just telling them their husbands are dead, otherwise the quest may not mark itself as complete. If you have any companions with you and you say: "Would someone like to handle this for me?" they will deliver amusing one-liners.

There are four wives in total, the locations of which are as follows:

Denerim Market District Denerim Market District - Sara, located straight ahead from where you enter from the world map (by Marjolaine's house).

Dirty Back Alley Dirty Back Alley - Tania, located in Denerim beside the cargo (across and to the left of Quaint Hovel).

Lake Calenhad Docks Lake Calenhad Docks - Larana, located inside The Spoiled Princess.

Redcliffe Chantry Redcliffe Chantry - Irenia, she is located in the chantry in Redcliffe, it should also be noted you can still give her the notice if you do not save Redcliffe from the night attack. You just have to come back at a later time and she will be in the chantry

Note: This quest cannot be completed after the Landsmeet as you will not be able to get to Irenia in Redcliffe.
Bug icon Bug! pcpc Occasionally, even when choosing to deliver the letters, the quest still will not update. Nor will the letters disappear from the Warden's inventory, although the quest can still be completed.
Bug icon Bug! In pcpcxbox360xbox360 and ps3ps3 if you enter the Dirty Back Alley location and confront Gaxkang for the Unbound questchain, the location will disappear from your map and you will be unable to complete the quests Blood of Warning and Notices of Death. So make sure to mark the door and give the Blackstone Irregulars' letter to Tania before you enter the Quaint Hovel to see Gaxkang.)
Bug icon Bug! pcpcps3ps3Although there are only four widows, you will find five letters of condolence in your inventory after accepting the quest. The fifth letter remains in your inventory after you complete the quest.
Bug icon Bug! pcpcIf you do not talk to the innkeeper during The Urn of Sacred Ashes quest (which triggers the outside fight with the cultists), Larana may not re-appear, meaning the quest cannot be completed.


  • 175 XP
  • 1 Gold


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