Notice of Termination is a quest received from The Mages' Collective Quest Board at Lake Calenhad Docks. A member of the Collective would like someone to deliver letters to each of his three apprentices.

Walkthrough Edit

  • Travel to the three apprentices and deliver the letters, informing them that they have been terminated.
The locations are as follows:

Ico Cave Frostback Mountain Pass - Starrick the Apprentice, standing by Ahren the dwarf; to the left of the large stone circle.

Starrick's response: Such diction. This man is a true scholar and rhetorician! I am honored to be fired by one such as he! Good day!

Ico Denerim Market District Denerim Market District - Fayd the Apprentice, in the central bazaar, near Liselle on the other side from Cesar.

Fayd's response: Ugh. I knew this would happen. Just when I was starting to get good. Well, thanks, I guess.

Ico Area Map Wonders of Thedas - Located in the Denerim Market District. Inside talk to Sheth the Apprentice.

Sheth's response: I knew it! I gave that man the best seven weeks of my life! Well, I guess he won't have me to push around anymore! Ha!
  • Return to any representative of the Mages' Collective for the reward.

Rewards Edit

  • 1DAO goldpiece trans
  • 175 XP
Bug icon Bug! pcIcon pc If you report the termination of more than one apprentice to the Mages' Collective Liaison, a message will appear that suggests that you only received the gold reward for one of them. However, the correct amount of gold will be added to the inventory.

Gallery Edit

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