Notes on the Wastes is a side quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

A page was recovered from a log book that was apparently kept by someone studying old dwarven ruins. Perhaps there are additional pages to be found deeper in the Hissing Wastes.

Acquisition Edit

Acquire any note to trigger the quest.

Walkthrough Edit

There are eight notes to be found. Once found, they all appear in Codex entry: A Journal on Dwarven Ruins. Some of the locations are visited during another side quest, The Tomb of Fairel. The locations of the notes will not show up on the map, but the search function will activate when you are close to one.

  1. Found north-west of the Lonely Light landmark (southeast of Sand Crags Camp) beneath the ocularum, by a tent on a table.
  2. Found using the Search function north-west of the Lonely Light landmark, down by a tree just south of the previous note.
  3. Found on the south side of the wheels of the crane at the ruin south-west of The Canyon Camp.
  4. Found in the Sunstop Mountain Tomb. On a table in the first room, across from a Volcanic Aurum node.
  5. Found on the sloping ground inside of the square of pillars just south of the entrance to the crater where the Sandy Howler lives and due west of the The Tomb of Fairel.
  6. Found in the Golden Oasis region, under a tree north of the ruins along the back wall of that crater.
  7. Found to the east of the Sand Crags Camp among stone ruins in a crude circle. The note is behind a stone by a lootable dwarven jug on the east side of the circle.
  8. Found south-west of the Sand Crags Camp, just in front of the giant dwarven statue.

Rewards Edit

  • 1,269 XP
  • 150 Influence

Gallery Edit

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