A Written Confession can be found in the Sahrnia Quarry near the information needed for Cullen's companion quest, Before the Dawn in Emprise du Lion. Reading the note initiates the side quest Caged Confession.

Note text[edit | edit source]

Note: Written Confession

I will not survive this. I saw what the red templars did to the others. The red crystals, they get in your flesh and they change you. You lose yourself, then you die. That is to be my fate. I pray Linette does not mourn for me long. I don't deserve her love.

The world must know what I have done. I won't go to the grave carrying this weight. I killed Linette's brother, Garde. He told her he was going to fight for the empress, but he never intended to do so. He was going to run away to Ferelden. I caught him one night, looking in our bureau for Linette's jewels. He meant to take them and leave forever. I tried to stop him, but he fought back and I killed him. I never meant to. It was an accident.

Maker forgive me. Andraste grant me her strength.


Notes[edit | edit source]

Note: This note is not included in the Codex.
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