These Venatori plans are orders by Crassius Servis to his subordinate on the Coracavus excavation and are found in the center of the old Tevinter prison's southern courtyard beside some corpses, in the Western Approach in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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You'd do well to muzzle your doubt. Our information was passed down to Lucanus from Corypheus's most trusted servants. Be grateful you were chosen to come at all.

Think of the power locked in these wastes. We need only to find it. Once liberated, we shall never rely on tinctures of lyrium or crude bloodwork again. Is that not worth any risk, to become a little godlike ourselves? Tell me the thought holds no appeal. We must exhaust every lead, however faint it may be. To do less is to dishonor Him.

I must check our progress at Echoback Fort. I expect a full progress report upon my return.


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