For the Venatori orders, found in the Shimmer Stone Mine and addressed to Cassius, see Note: Venatori Orders (to Cassius).

These Venatori orders are found on a crate, directly in front of the frozen Fade rift in the Main Chamber of the Still Ruins in the Western Approach, in Dragon Age: Inquisition. They are addressed by an unknown author to Lucanus and contain some background information and a clear directive regarding his mission at this place.

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A short letter accompanied by a map of the Western Approach. Several areas have been circled:


The references are obscure, but they point to a single power, sealed at the height of the old empire. Tevinter's involvement in the region predates the First Blight. Detailed accounts of the location are non-existent, but there are some promising leads. You will be provided with men and supplies.

Do not return empty-handed.

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