The Tyrdda's Lover note is found at the landmark at the Redcliffe Farms, near a tree dedicated to Tyrdda Bright-Axe's lover.

It is a letter from Elaina to horsemaster Dennet, forbidding him and Bron from cutting the tree down.



I don’t care if it’s the best land on the farm, the farmers remember the old ways and the old blood, and we’ll honor that, just as I honor you twisting the old horseshoe nails into circles and sneaking them into the horses’ saddles for luck. If the farmers want to leave that tree to honor Tyrdda’s leaf-eared lover, we’ll let it be, and whatever we lose from the land, we’ll gain in loyalty.

If I come back and find that tree gone and you and Bron blustering some story about it falling in a storm, I’ll get the truth from Seanna, and you’ll be sleeping in those stables you love so much.

All my love, Elaina



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