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Cataloguing Skyhold: Undercroft Additions

Difficult. To be clear, we can add all the equipment our backs can bear, but structural changes are best avoided. With new walls and such, you need anchors to tie in new stone, which means excavation. And I wouldn't go messing with the Undercroft. Seems like it was built to purpose, whatever that was. The whole keep has settled on top of it. It's weathered some serious heat and pressure; there are spots that feel like the inside of a forge. Large spots. No idea what that means. It's as solid as you get, so fill it full of tools and toys. But there's a dwarven name for someone who tries to change an old build like that: sodding fool.

—Structural evaluation for Lady/Lord [surname]'s consideration, Mason Gatsi

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On top of barrels to the left of the door in the Undercroft.
Note: It is not included in the Codex.
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