The Lost Outpost Plaque can be found on the floor of a small locked room in the abandoned dwarven ruins in the Flooded Caves beneath Old Crestwood in Crestwood. The Deft Hands, Fine Tools Inquisition perk is required to unlock the door.

Note text[edit | edit source]

Note: The Lost Outpost Plaque

This roadway was created by Royal Order of
King Kelgak to link the Great Thaig of
Aeducan with the Soaring Thaig of Gundaar.
It pleases these cities to join these roads
with a Hall in the middle, and to dedicate
that Hall to Paragon Hekkat, who discovered
Principles of Nature that let us build
structures of unheard-of height and
astounding breadth.

Let his renown be as eternal as the Stone he

—Inscription on a plaque found on an
abandoned dwarven road beneath Crestwood

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