Andraste's sweet ass, I'm a fool for betting
what I couldn't pay. Now I have to take
Nicco's shift in the tunnel closest to the
door. The lot of them fell silent at that.
Nicco tried to take it back—he's a good
enough lad—but I gave my word.

Nicco's first night here, he thought to sleep
below the ridge at the back of the pool. We
didn't notice. He woke the whole camp with
his screaming. He sleeps under the statue
outside camp now and shakes when he goes
near the pool.

I'll let him keep his win. He can owe me a
drink when it's done.


  • This note can be found on a crate in "Envers Mining Camp" in the Forbidden Oasis.
    Note: It is not included in the Codex.
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