Text Edit

In an elegant script:

You are too young to worry so, my child. Write your worries down here. All your fears are smaller once you have defined them.

Listed in a child's shaky hand:

What if darkspawn come back
Father said one day he'll die
Darkspawn under ground
Darkspawn under our house
Darkspawn coming up from basement
The sun will die
Black bits on bread could be blight
Getting sick and dying from blight
Grey Wardens coming to make Father go back
Father dying fighting darkspawn
Dark patch on Father's arm that he hides from Mother
Father says he hears music

- From a letter lying near a cluster of spider eggs

Letter in a Child's Simple Writing Edit

The door is open. Mother said to run. She said the darkspawn were coming. She wanted me to go. The door is open. It was closed when I left. She said she would be right behind me. She said not to come back, no matter what. The lamps are lit all over the village even during the day, to see through the smoke. Mother should be here by now.

But the door is open.

I'm going to look inside.

Notes Edit

These texts can be found in the Fade in Dragon Age: Inquisition during Here Lies the Abyss. They are not included in the Codex:

  • The first letter is located between the places where you talk to Justinia V for the first and the second time.
  • The second letter is near the place where you talk to Justinia V for the second time.
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