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Introduction of blight to prisoners yields no discernible pattern. Disease progresses erratically; some subjects die within hours despite all efforts, others show no symptoms at all. Subjects may harbor some natural resistance, which makes isolation and testing a priority.

A Later Entry Follows:

Six more subjects died. Transfusions of blood from resistant prisoners slow the rate of corruption only slightly. Healthy flesh taken from live subjects and implanted in the infected will often die even before corruption spreads to it. In cases where implantation is successful, blight corruption spreads across donor flesh faster than host flesh. Prisoner Leliana has been the most useful source of resistant blood and skin to date.

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This text can be found in Redcliffe Castle in Dragon Age: Inquisition during In Hushed Whispers. It is not included in the Codex. The note can be can be found on a desk near one of the Venatori Spellbinders, behind the room which can be opened by bashing through the wall on the western side wing past the main hall.

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