Sera's Past and Now Things can be obtained in the Winter Palace's Gilded Horn tavern. The note is found on a table located directly behind Sera.

Note text[edit | edit source]

- Lost another book. Stop leaving them places.

(Below are journal entries by Sera.)

If the Inquisitor didn't romance Sera...
(Also several sketches of Skyhold with impeccable crosshatching.)

If the Inquisitor romanced Sera...
(Also an improbable number of hearts.)

- Moving again. Less stuff, more things. People things.
- Too many Val-somethings. Name less stupid, Orlais.
- Last Jenny checked in. Wasn't worried.

(A drawing of a gloved fist holding an odd symbol, smashing against the face of a Chevalier. The symbol is red and smells of strawberry.)

- (If Sutherland's operations have been completed) Castle Sutherland and crew. "Sers" all around now. He ever stop grinning?
- Traveling again.
- And Again.
- Been here before. We're everywhere.
- Back to the Winter Palace? Never good. Pack bees.
- Bet Varric we're in trouble (scratched out). Varric won't take a sucker bet. In for ten with Cullen.
- Everyone looks old and tired and fat.
- Find who shrunk my Skyhold clothes (scratched out). Piss!

If the Inquisitor didn't romance Sera...
- Don't say the Inquisitor's hand looks bad.
- It looks very bad.
- Is Widdle even here? Why do I go where there's no Widdle?

(A drawing of Sera and Dagna silhouetted by an explosion, bees, and exploding bees.)

If the Inquisitor romanced Sera...
- There's my <nickname>. Been too long.

(A drawing of a tangle of legs. The toes of one foot are lovingly stippled. And curled.)

- Chargers in the Palace! No one will be sleeping.
- Rainier hugs harder than Blackwall. Still beardy.
- Josie is best here.
- Cassandra needs to punch something or she'll explode.
- Everyone? They never call in everyone.
- Leliana knows something. Knew it, Inquisition is in trouble.

If Sera and the Inquisitor are friends...
- Friends are friends! Best night with everyone.
- Drank everything. Made some promises.
- We stole everything! Piled it sideways!

If the Inquisitor romanced Sera...
- I'm going to tell her (scratched out). Why can't I tell her!
- Now or never. Tell her. (scratched out). I TOLD HER!

If the Inquisitor agreed to marry Sera...

- Lady <first name> <last name> is my Wifey!
- Do I get her name? That's like family.

(A drawing of Sera and <first name> in so many flowers. "Sera <last name>" is written in every blank space.)

- Not enough flowers. Never will be.

If the Inquisitor and Cullen are married...
- Cully and <Inquisitor's first name + "ly"> tied it! Desks watch out!

If the Inquisitor romanced Blackwall...
- Rainier and <first name> finally dating normal! Deserve it!

(A drawing of a heroic beard wearing a helmet and holding a sword. An arrow pointing to it says "True.")

- Hard to get the beard-arms right.

After Dorian's farewell toast:
Dorian leaving again. Didn't cry. That's what he wants.

After completing the Elven Mountain Ruins:
- Elf-loovians and ruins. Ruins can get off.
- Qunari and elfy things? Make sense, things!
- Elfy gods aren't even demons. Weird or worse?
- Someone tell the servants? They seem off.

(A drawing of the last mural from the ruins. Unfinished.)

- Not my hurt to keep.
- (If the Inquisitor is an elf) Is s/he all right with the elfy stuff?

(scratched out).

  • If Inquisitor says "I'll be all right": It's all right! Maybe. Be there anyway.
  • If Inquisitor says "No, I'm really not": Not all right! Wait and help. Somehow.

After the Deep Roads:
- Dwarfy ruins now? Mirrors can get off.
- Qunari all over everyone's things. Who steps on their old stuff?
- Not as bad for dwarves as was for Dalish. Maybe.
- (If the Inquisitor is a dwarf) S/he looks all right with it. Maybe. Be there.
- Varric is fine. The un-dwarf.
- (If the Inquisitor is a Qunari) Hope s/he's fine killing all these Qunari-Viddy-Talva-whatevers.
- (If a Qunari Inquisitor is friends with Sera) Be there for him/her if s/he isn't.

If Inquisitor didn't romance Sera...
- Tell Widdle. Proper smart. She'll sort it.
- (If the Warden helped Dagna) She'll add runes, make flowers and friends. Smoosh!
- (If the Warden didn't help Dagna) She can burn all the scary. Seen her do it. Still smooshy.

- Elfy servants still all weird.
- Felt that "things feel samey" thing again.
- But not where we were. Weird.

If Inquisitor romanced Sera...
- Her hand is not getting worse. It isn't.

(A drawing of something that was violently scribbled out.)

- It is not!

After completing the Shattered Library:
- But not where we were. Weird. (Scratched out.)
- Spirit books can eat it. Real things are real!
- Nobs have that look. Ending coming.

If Inquisitor is not friends with Sera...
- Shit way to go, dying on the inside.
- Try to the last. We owe her that.
- Pack.

If Inquisitor is friends with Sera...
- Not right. Do everything for everyone, get sick. Not right.
- Can't put arrows in it, put them everywhere else.
- I will never miss.
- I will make them know <first name> had (scratched out) HAS friends.

If Inquisitor romanced Sera...
- It isn't... (scratched out).
- I will... (scratched out).
- We have to... (scratched out).

(The book is scuffed, as though thrown against a wall. This page also has what look to be tear stains.)

- I have arrows. They leave and things die.
- I get to keep something.
- Why don't I get to... (scratched out).
- Make her happy. I will keep that she was happy.

(There are many empty pages, and then one that is dog-eared.)

If the Inquisitor didn't romance Sera...
- When wonder we where wanders Widdle? WWwwwords.

After the Elven Mountain Ruins:
(The outline of a sketch of Dagna smiling. This one is taking some time.)

After the Deep Roads:
(A detailed drawing of Dagna smiling. It looks almost complete. The nose is especially life - and button - like.)

After the Shattered Library:
(A lovingly completed drawing of Dagna smiling. The nose is smudged, possibly by a kiss. Also there is an arrow pointing to it that says: "Kiss-smudge from kissing.")

If the Inquisitor romanced Sera...
- Take time, time taken.

(The outline of a sketch of <first name> smiling. This one is taking some time.)

After the Elven Mountain Ruins:
(A detailed drawing of <first name> smiling. It looks almost complete. The right ear seems to be a special focus.)

After the Deep Roads:
(A lovingly completed drawing of <first name> smiling. The right ear is smudged. There is an arrow pointing to it that says: "Whispers go here.")

After the Shattered Library:
(The page with the drawing of <first name> has been carefully cut out. Written vertically on the remaining margin, it says: "Keep her with me.")

Notes[edit | edit source]

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