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- Lost another book. Stop leaving them places.

(Below are journal entries by Sera.)

  • If the Inquisitor didn't romance Sera

(Also several sketches of Skyhold with impeccable crosshatching.)

  • If the Inquisitor romanced Sera

(Also an improbable number of hearts.)

- Moving again. Less stuff, more things. People things.
- Too many Val-somethings. Name less stupid, Orlais.
- Last Jenny checked in. Wasn't worried.

(A drawing of a gloved fist holding an odd symbol, smashing against the face of a Chevalier. The symbol is red and smells of strawberry.)

- (If Sutherland's operations have been completed) Castle Sutherland and crew. "Sers" all around now. He ever stop grinning?
- Traveling again.
- And Again.
- Been here before. We're everywhere.
- Back to the Winter Palace? Never good. Pack bees.
- Bet Varric we're in trouble (scratched out). Varric won't take a sucker bet. In for ten with Cullen.
- Everyone looks old and tired and fat.
- Find who shrunk my Skyhold clothes (scratched out). Piss!

  • If the Inquisitor didn't romance Sera

- Don't say the Inquisitor's hand looks bad.
- It looks very bad.
- Is Widdle even here? Why do I go where there's no Widdle?

(A drawing of Sera and Dagna silhouetted by an explosion, bees, and exploding bees.)

  • If the Inquisitor romanced Sera

- There's my <nickname>. Been too long.

(A drawing of a tangle of legs. The toes of one foot are lovingly stippled. And curled.)

- Chargers in the Palace! No one will be sleeping.
- Rainier hugs harder than Blackwall. Still beardy.
- Josie is best here.
- Cassandra needs to punch something or she'll explode.
- Everyone? They never call in everyone.
- Leliana knows something. Knew it, Inquisition is in trouble.

  • If Sera and the Inquisitor are friends

- Friends are friends! Best night with everyone.
- Drank everything. Made some promises.
- We stole everything! Piled it sideways!}}

  • If the Inquisitor romanced Sera

- I'm going to tell her (scratched out). Why can't I tell her!
- Now or never. Tell her. (scratched out). I TOLD HER!

  • If the Inquisitor agreed to marry Sera


- Lady <first name> <last name> is my Wifey!
- Do I get her name? That's like family.

(A drawing of Sera and <first name> in so many flowers. "Sera <last name>" is written in every blank space.)

- Not enough flowers. Never will be.

  • If the Inquisitor and Cullen married

- Cully and <Inquisitor's first name + "ly"> tied it! Desks watch out!

  • If the Inquisitor romanced Blackwall

- Rainier and <first name> finally dating normal! Deserve it!

(A drawing of a heroic beard wearing a helmet and holding a sword. An arrow pointing to it says "True.")

- Hard to get the beard-arms right.

After Dorian's farewell toast: Dorian leaving again. Didn't cry. That's what he wants.

After completing the Elven Mountain Ruins:
- Elf-loovians and ruins. Ruins can get off.
- Qunari and elfy things? Make sense, things!
- Elfy gods aren't even demons. Weird or worse?
- Someone tell the servants? They seem off.

(A drawing of the last mural from the ruins. Unfinished.)

- Not my hurt to keep.
- (If the Inquisitor is an elf) Is s/he all right with the elfy stuff?
(scratched out).

  • If Inquisitor says "I'll be all right": It's all right! Maybe. Be there anyway.
  • If Inquisitor says "No, I'm really not": Not all right! Wait and help. Somehow.

After Deep Roads:
- Dwarfy ruins now? Mirrors can get off.
- Qunari all over everyone's things. Who steps on their old stuff?
- Not as bad for dwarves as was for Dalish. Maybe.
- (If the Inquisitor is a dwarf) S/he looks all right with it. Maybe. Be there.
- Varric is fine. The un-dwarf.
- (If the Inquisitor is a Qunari) Hope s/he's fine killing all these Qunari-Viddy-Talva-whatevers.
- (If Qunari Inquisitor is friends with Sera) Be there for him/her if s/he isn't.

  • If Inquisitor didn't romance Sera

- Tell Widdle. Proper smart. She'll sort it.
- (If the Warden helped Dagna) She'll add runes, make flowers and friends. Smoosh!
- (If the Warden didn't help Dagna) She can burn all the scary. Seen her do it. Still smooshy.

- Elfy servants still all weird.
- Felt that "things feel samey" thing again.
- But not where we were. Weird.

  • If Inquisitor romanced Sera

- Her hand is not getting worse. It isn't.

(A drawing of something that was violently scribbled out.)

- It is not!

After completing the Shattered Library; this block of text is attached to the previous block of text:
- But not where we were. Weird. (Scratched out.)
- Spirit books can eat it. Real things are real!
- Nobs have that look. Ending coming.

  • If Inquisitor is not friends with Sera

- Shit way to go, dying on the inside.
- Try to the last. We owe her that.
- Pack.

  • If Inquisitor is friends with Sera

- Not right. Do everything for everyone, get sick. Not right.
- Can't put arrows in it, put them everywhere else.
- I will never miss.
- I will make them know <first name> had (scratched out) HAS friends.

  • If Inquisitor romanced Sera

- It isn't... (scratched out).
- I will... (scratched out).
- We have to... (scratched out).

(The book is scuffed, as though thrown against a wall. This page also has what look to be tear stains.)

- I have arrows. They leave and things die.
- I get to keep something.
- Why don't I get to... (scratched out).
- Make her happy. I will keep that she was happy.

(There are many empty pages, and then one that is dog-eared.)

  • If the Inquisitor didn't romance Sera

- When wonder we where wanders Widdle? WWwwwords.

After Elven Mountain Ruins: (The outline of a sketch of Dagna smiling. This one is taking some time.)

After Deep Roads: (A detailed drawing of Dagna smiling. It looks almost complete. The nose is especially life - and button - like.)

After Shattered Library: (A lovingly completed drawing of Dagna smiling. The nose is smudged, possibly by a kiss. Also there is an arrow pointing to it that says: "Kiss-smudge from kissing.")

  • If the Inquisitor romanced Sera

- Take time, time taken.

(The outline of a sketch of <first name> smiling. This one is taking some time.)

After Elven Mountain Ruins: (A detailed drawing of <first name> smiling. It looks almost complete. The right ear seems to be a special focus.)

After Deep Roads: (A lovingly completed drawing of <first name> smiling. The right ear is smudged. There is an arrow pointing to it that says: "Whispers go here.")

After Shattered Library: (The page with the drawing of <first name> has been carefully cut out. Written vertically on the remaining margin, it says: "Keep her with me.")

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