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Regarding your request,

As a noted partner of the Inquisition, Lady Montilyet has ensured our contacts are quick to reply. The few titles on hand accompany this letter, with the remaining en route from libraries in Val Royeaux and surrounding.

Archivist Banon

Fade and Spirits Mysterious by Brother Ferdinand Genitivi
An Enchanter's Observations by Anonymous
the Unholy Grace,author unknown
On Silver Cords by First Enchanter Irving
Wisdom Failed: the Hedge Mage, collected by First Enchanter Heron
Translation of the El'illan Excavation, collected by Brother Ferdinand Genitivi
Tevinter Journies Inward" by Archon Vius
Our Orlesian Heart by (formerly) Sister Laudine
Speaking to The Other: A Translation by Lady Gihn
On Lyrium: a Templar's Memoir by Ser Treus
Dalish Myth and Collected Truths Against, collected by Sister Petrine
Elvehan Diis Falsis: Triew Metod Dracas, untranslated, author unknown

There are two more pages of titles listed beneath.

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