Charred NoteEdit

A note torn from a larger page. The paper is charred at the edges.

" ...struck the tower, a great sizzling bolt out of a blue sky. Afterward, spirits emerged from a statue of a wolf, as if the lightning woke them, and they appeared to be looking for someone. The only word I understood was "Fen'Harel." They did not see me, but beware, for they attack any guards who..."

Charred NoteEdit

This note is written in both common and Qunlat. The letters are shaky:

These walls of blue flame were cast by the agent of Fen'Harel as he ran through this place bringing chaos and destruction. Do not light fires from them. Do not go near them. Fen'Harel's mage-servant made them to hamper us, and they bring only death.

Scrap of Writing from a Ben-Hassrath AgentEdit

Excavated mural. Believed to be a self-portrait by Fen'Harel.

Trivia Edit

These are three of the four texts[1] that need to be found in order to unlock a special dialogue option in the final Conversation with Solas. The remaining text is:
Text ico The Treachery of the Wolf

References Edit

  1. Confirmed by Patrick Weekes in Twitter.
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