The Official-Looking Letter was sent to Mother Giselle by the family of Dorian Pavus. His father requests a meeting with Dorian, without letting him know beforehand.

Text[edit | edit source]

Official-Looking Letter

Your Reverence,

I understand that you feel inadequate to the task of bringing Dorian to a secret meeting. Even in the asking, I find it difficult to believe myself. Considering my son has rebuffed all contact, this is the only way. I know him; he would be too proud to come if he knew—even just to talk. That is all we wish to do. The thought of Dorian in the south, placing himself in the path of such danger, alarms us more than I can express.

If this somehow succeeds, we have a family retainer at the Vandral Hills watching for Dorian's arrival. He will bring the boy to us, somewhere private. If Dorian utterly refuses to go with him, it ends there… and there is nothing we can do. We are at our wit's end.

Graciously yours,
Magister Halward of House Pavus

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

The letter is obtained through dialog with Mother Giselle, who asks the Inquisitor for a moment of their time in the throne room at Skyhold. She moves there from the garden after the Inquisitor has spoken with Dorian about a letter regarding Felix. If that happened before the Inquisition moved to Skyhold, speaking to her in the garden will let her move to the throne room.

This letter starts Dorian's companion quest Last Resort of Good Men.

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