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A drop of blood stains the corner of this letter:

Knight-Vigilant Trentwatch:

It is good to hear you escaped the conclave alive. Come to Therinfal Redoubt. Send a bird when you're half a day away. Knight-Captain Denam will meet you.

Come at night. Ensure no one sees you. I will meet you in Denam's office. Things are happening in the Order; we must discuss them privately before you return to your duties.

Lord Seeker Lucius Corin

Whatever comes, follow the instructions in the shipment to the letter. The officers know what they've signed on for, but don't start all the knights on Red lyrium at once. Use the amounts we've parceled out; give them medicine for the pain. They need to be ready to fight again soon enough.

These are your people now, "Lord Seeker." Be a better master to them than the Chantry. If I hear differently, you'll answer to the one we both serve.


Be wary. Every Templar will be on the watch for what you are. A Lord Seeker is never seen without ceremonial armor. I had a replica made. It should serve your purpose in Therinfal.

Remember: Seekers have no place in the new world our master is building. The life of "Lucius Corin" ends with you.

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  • The first text can be found in Denam's locked quarters. The second can be found on a bench in the great hall behind the throne. The third can be found in the Lord Seeker's office.
  • If any section of the notes are missed they can be purchased from Willvan in the Summer Bazaar in Val Royeaux for
    17 Currency (Inquisition).
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