A mildewed diary is found on a bed[1] in a house to the southwest of the mayor's old home in the old village of Crestwood, in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It contains thoughts of a girl's parent about the situation in Crestwood during the Fifth Blight.

  1. Though the description reads: "[…] in a sealed chest […]".

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This diary has been kept miraculously dry in a sealed chest, but its pages are filled with powdery black mold:

29th of Cloudreach, 9:30

Grace has a cough. All well and good to "help those running from the Blight," but if my daughter catches something from these refugees, I'll have the mayor's hide.

At least Dedrick moved them into the caves. I thought they'd put up a fuss, but they went, quiet and pale as the dead. The healthy ones were relieved. Said their sick friends seemed to get worse in the daylight.

Maker save us from a plague.

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