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I made the expected offerings this morning, but the gods remained silent. The priests are frightened. All of Tevinter is frightened. Our gods have led our people for centuries. Now, they have gone still. Are we alone here in this world, no better than the savages to the south who beg for guidance from spirits? And what of the strange creatures who come from underground, like our friends the dwarves? These spawn of the darkness and the plague they carry... Why do our gods not protect us from this?

Now the ground shakes. The statue cuts my hand as I fall against it. A great roar sounds. It is massive, shaking the temple market, and I see the silhouette cut the sky. It is a dragon. No, it is Dumat! I have made the offerings so many times - his form is as familiar as my own hand. He has returned in glory to destroy these darkspawn that threaten us, to lead Tevinter back to an age of glory and wonder!

But no, his scales are sickly and mottled, his form twisted and corrupt, like the darkspawn themselves. He opens his great maw, and fire billows forth, igniting the market.

The flames rush toward me.

What did we do wrong?

- Memories somehow caught in the blood on an ancient Tevinter statue

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This text can be found in the Fade in Dragon Age: Inquisition during Here Lies the Abyss. It is not included in the Codex. To read the note, talk to Justinia V for the second time and go left (upstairs) at the crossing to the place with two pride demons. Another text can be found nearby.

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