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- Three crates, high grade. West Sink Mines, Orzammar. House Keltarr.
- Two crates, regular grade. Sternann Peak, Anderfels. Town of Geltberg.
- Five crates of "red" lyrium. Source unverified. Rations given out only on Lord Seeker's orders.

A note is pinned to the bottom of the page:


Is it me or does red lyrium sound different than the rest? I caught the new boy listening to it after stacking the crates. Dragged him out by his ears, but the Knight-Captain says put him on the red lyrium from now on. Too lenient if you ask me.

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This note can be found in the Officers' Quarters of the Therinfal Redoubt during Champions of the Just. It is inside a locked room next to the lyrium crates and can be opened only with the Lord Seeker's key.
Note: It is not included in the Codex.

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