The faded interrogation notes are lying on a desk in the eastern part of Coracavus's Records Room, in the Western Approach in Dragon Age: Inquisition. They give some insight in how prisoners were treated in this former Tevinter institution.

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The faded ink of this parchment suggests it is from a prison's records:

Let none be so foolish as to deny the power borne of affection. Mark my words, for death would only bear a martyr.

Persuade Talvas to speak the truth. Permit that honeyed tongue to undo its own mischief. They think to question the Archon's authority, to deny his reach. Will they do so once their beloved Iunia sings the magistrates' praises?

Should Talvas prove unreasonable, remove her teeth. One wonders how much charm she will wield without a handsome smile.

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