When apprehending Servis during the Trouble with Darkspawn in the Western Approach's Echoback Fort in Dragon Age: Inquisition, an elegantly written letter from him can be found in a book on a table under the tent on the southern battlements of the fort, looking for new employment.

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Magister Nanterius
Vyrantium Office of the Praetor

Dear Madam,

I have been informed that you are looking for an experienced administrator to organize your lead mining enterprises in four kingdoms. I humbly present myself as a candidate for the vacancy. I have extensive experience as the overseer of multiple archaeological digs in the Western Approach, and have successfully managed several mercenary army ventures simultaneously. At present, I am seeking new employment opportunities in less arid climes and as far as possible from the Inquisition. Please see my attached résumé for further credentials.

Crassius Servis

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