An elegantly penned note can be found in one of several camps of the White Claws, raiders in the Western Approach in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It's the first of a number of letters: orders by Servis to the Venatori's hirelings.

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I will make your stay here in the Western Approach quite profitable, so long as you can follow my instructions. First and foremost: you will obtain the research materials from the team sent here by the University of Orlais for a project of great importance. Second: you are to assist the templars with their resource-gathering mission in whatever capacity they require. You will not interfere in any of the excavations the Venatori are conducting, nor will you announce your presence to the Grey Wardens.

You will find that my gratitude for a job well done is remarkably lucrative.


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  • There is no specific location in the Western Approach for this note to be found; instead it will spawn during a random encounter of White Claw Raiders.
  • Not part of the codex.

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