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Defaced Carta Notice can be found in the locked room on the "Upper Terrace" in Valammar.

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Note Text - Defaced Carta Notice

Note: Defaced Carta Notice

Much of Valammar remains closed to us. Anyone interested in changing that should meet here tomorrow, one hour past noon.


A series of notes has been scrawled below this notice:

Stop wasting time on that damn door. I don't care what's behind it. The mechanism's broken. More importantly, who cares? We have product to move, and you want to see if some ancient dwarf locked up the good tea set? We're shorthanded as it is. If I hear you've taken another group to the lower levels in search of gears, i'll make you sorry.


First of all, i think this place used to be a trade post. There could be something valuable behind that door. And just how will you make me sorry?


I'll use my imagination. And knives.


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