Note text Edit

This small diary is written in a child's shaky scawl:

Dear Diary,

The bad men came yesterday and took Emeel's papa. They have red eyes and their voices are rough. Emeel cried. Miss Puleen says he's not coming back and that we have to look after Emeel now. I am glad papa died last year because the bad men would have taken him too.

It's very cold. I forgot Layla outside. If she freezes we can make her melt when the sun comes out, like the plants in spring.

Acquisition Edit

This note cannot be acquired via normal means. It is located underneath a stone East-West of Valeska's Watch in the Emprise du Lion. On the PC, it can be reached with a third-party mod called Cinematic Tools by standing by the stone and using the flycam to get inside it.

Note: It is not included in the Codex.
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