For the plot item from Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening, see Battered Journal.

After draining the lake in Crestwood, several dead bodies are found at the New Crestwood Docks in Dragon Age: Inquisition, amongst them a female elven mage who carries a battered journal.

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Page from a Circle mage's journal:

I could travel around Crestwood. One person might sneak past the roaming dead with the aid of a little magic. I hear Redcliffe is taking in mages. If I get there, I'll be safe…

I can't do it. These people have no one to help them. They've probably never seen undead before. Maybe they won't trust a mage, but what use was I penned in the Circle? Maybe here, I can do some good.

I'll introduce myself to the villagers tomorrow. I hope they don't turn me away.

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