A scroll with notes from Magister Porenni's lecture about ancient Tevinter can be found on a crate under a tent in the Western Approach's Echoback Canyon in Dragon Age: Inquisition, in a Venatori camp northeast of the Gates of Andoral and southwest of the Echo Back Canyon Camp.

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Those decrying our ambitions to reclaim our lands decry history. What was not once under the watchful eye of the Archons, the wisdom of the true Divine, or the justice of the Magisterium? Idle Orlais, graceless Ferelden, even vain Antiva were ours in Ages past. Tevinter's imprint is present in every corner of their degenerate cultures, whether it be music, poetry, architecture, mathematics, or any art that stirs the human spirit. Were our empire to stretch its arms again, this tide of southern decadence would, at last, be stoppered and corrected by the superior minds of the Imperium.

—From Magister Leviculix Porenni's lecture to a gathering of his peers, 7:86 Blessed

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