Wolf's Welcome Edit

Mosaic1 - Wolf's Welcome

A wash of powerful magic carries an impression of welcome. Images flash by: elven slaves fleeing to this place in ancient times, greeted by others who then tend their wounds. Words are not so much heard as felt.

"Fen'Harel bids you welcome. Rest, knowing the Dread Wolf guards you and his people guard this valley. In this place, you are free. In trusting us, you will never be bound again."

The Inquisitor's comment: "That was like veilfire. It claimed... This was a refuge for elven slaves. This whole valley was a sanctuary "created by the Dread Wolf, Fen'Harel." This doesn't make sense. In Dalish legends, Fen'Harel is our god of misfortune."

The Promise of Fen'HarelEdit

Mosaic2 - The Promise of Fen'Harel

A wash of powerful magic carries a pang of hope. Images flash by: a man in wolfskin standing with a group of freed slaves, clasping one's arm in friendship. Words aren't so much heard as felt:

"Fen'Harel has been falsely named a god, but is as mortal as any of you. He takes no divine mantle and asks that none be bestowed upon him. He leads only those who would help willingly. Let none be beholden but by choice."

The Inquisitor's comment: "This is... Fen'Harel helping former slaves as a mortal. Not a god."

The Lies of the Evanuris Edit

Mosaic3 - The Lies of the Evanuris

A wash of powerful magic carries a sensation of bitter fury. Images flash by: elven mages enslaving tens of thousands, making arrogant proclamations of godhood. Words are not so much heard as felt:

"The gods, our Evanuris, claim divinity, yet they are naught but mortals powerful in magic who can die as you can. In this place, we teach those who join us to unravel their lies."

The Inquisitor's comment: "This claims the elven "gods" were just "Evanuris" - powerful but completely mortal mages. If that's true, Fen'Harel was teaching these freed slaves the truth about these "false gods"."

The Lifting of the Vallaslin Edit

Mosaic4 - The Lifting of the Vallaslin

A wash of powerful magic carries an sensation of determination. Images flash by: former slaves in ranks with Fen'Harel, armed and strong. Their skin is clear; their face tattoos, the elven vallaslin, are gone. Words are not so much heard as felt.

"The brand of the Evanuris can be lifted from you, that all may know you oppose their cruelties. None here are slaves. All are under our protection. All may choose to fight."

The Inquisitor's comments:

  • At the fresco above the mosaic: "That's Fen'Harel removing Dalish vallaslin? Solas said they were used to mark slaves."
  • In the armory below the mosaic: "Hidden weapons. These freed slaves actually fought back against the Evanuris posing as gods."
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