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It'll be worth it. You worry too much. I've
seen you hunt. You and that bow go
together like the Maker and Andraste's
sweet blossom, and there's nothing in this
world that'll keep breathing after you take
your axe to it. And believe me, once you've
gotten enough of the bear claws - And
remember, they need to be big, really
good-sized ones, i don't want you coming
back with some cub's slashers and a sad -
dog grin on your face - We'll make
something that will make both of us rich.

Think of the girls in Redcliffe hanging on
your arm, Bergrit. It's a strong arm, my
friend, strong enough to kill three big
bears and bring those claws back. You take
care of that, and that arm will have a nice
lady to wrap around at night.

Good luck. Don't come back without the


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