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Son, by the time you read this, the darkspawn poison will have claimed me. We gave all at Starkhaven, and we bought time for the Wardens to slay the Archdemon, but when I smelled the corruption in my wound, I knew I would not live to see you again.

Fyruss will want men to search the battlefield. He sees Starkhaven as rising to greatness, and the weapons of a hundred dead Grey Wardens lying unclaimed on the ground will help him conquer the Free Marches.

You must refuse. The battlefield is soaked in poison, and no speech, no bullying, no taunts about cowardice, can change that. Anything that roams that battlefield now will die.

Stall him however you must, and watch for the crows. Those birds have the good sense to fear the Blight. When you see them gather, then you will know that the poison is gone, and it is safe to search the battlefield for trinkets to satisfy Fyruss.

I will not be here to guide you, son, so you must learn from the crows. They watch patiently, and they let their fear keep them alive. Please - I beg you - watch the crows and do the same.



This text can be found in the Raw Fade in Dragon Age: Inquisition during Here Lies the Abyss. It is not included in the Codex. This text can be read only once upon interacting with the statue.

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