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I have fled the circle, but i want no part of
this mad rebellion. The Templars and my
brethren have both gone mad, and their
war has torn apart the very sky. Some of
the other Isolationists suggested fleeing,
and i shall follow their example.

It has been too long since i saw you, and it
cannot be safe in Haven. If you can make it
past the bandits and demons, join me at
grandmother's old home northwest of the
Crossroads. With your blade and my staff,
we can get through this together.

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  • This note can be found on top of the hill between "Dwarfson's Pass Camp" and the cave in the south-eastern corner of the Hinterlands map. On that hill there is also "The Tempter Burns" landmark.
  • Reading this note starts the quest Conscientious Objector.
    Note: It is not included in the Codex.
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