A crumpled note is wrapped around a key, found on a dead body in Coracavus's Front Corridor, the ancient Tevinter prison in the Western Approach in Dragon Age: Inquisition. In it, Crassius Servis demands work at the excavation site without further complaints about darkspawn, threatening his laborers with some drastic measures.

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A Crumpled Note

Note: A Crumpled Note

There was nothing to indicate this place was built over an old Deep Roads entrance. While the complications with darkspawn were unfortunate, we've dealt with the pack that emerged and I will hear no further talk of it. We have enough to secure the south dig site. You will continue work in the corridors and you will do so without complaint.

Alternatively, we could use you as a distraction should more darkspawn hinder our efforts. You serve Corypheus either way.


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Note: This note is not included in the Codex.
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