Noble Clothing is a piece of clothing in Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening.

Acquisition Edit

Dragon Age: Origins Edit

There is a possibility of Noble Clothing being dropped by the following characters, if the player chooses to kill them:

If Oghren is paired with Sten or Zevran during Captured!, then they will both be wearing this type of clothing.

Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Edit

Notes Edit

  • Noble Clothing comes in several different colours, but all examples of it share the same description. The possible values of the different colour versions are: 51DAO silverpiece trans, 48DAO silverpiece trans, 47DAO silverpiece trans, 43DAO silverpiece trans, 39DAO silverpiece trans, and 35DAO silverpiece trans.
  • Some versions of Noble Clothing are intended to be equipped only on either male or female characters. Equipping a character for whom it was not intended with the outfit will cause it to appear yellow, with the words "DO NOT USE" on the front and back. Examples are the versions looted from Master Ignacio and the Chamberlain.

Bugs Edit

  • xbox360Icon xbox360The version looted from Beyha Joam changes color after being stored in the Party Storage Chest in Warden's Keep to a faded/rosy-nude champagne color, with golden details (corset, wrist, hem, etc.) and a brownish-red underskirt.
  • xbox360Icon xbox360Equipping Noble Clothing intended for male characters on a female character will remove all armor restrictions from the female character.[confirmation needed]
  • Equipping Noble Clothing on Sten will cause the clothing to look peach colored with very low definition.

Gallery Edit

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