Nobility Knowledge is an Inquisition perk in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Information Edit

Nobility Knowledge opens up new dialogue options during certain conversations and quests. Additionally, it increases the amount of experience gained for each codex entry unlocked by 50%. This effect is not retroactive, but it will stack with other Knowledge perks as follows:

  • One knowledge perk: 75XP per codex entry
  • Two knowledge perks: 100XP per codex entry
  • Three knowledge perks: 125XP per codex entry
  • All four knowledge perks: 150XP per codex entry

Uses Edit

Crestwood Edit

  • Jana - Can be used to recruit her as an Agent.

Emprise du Lion Edit

Hinterlands Edit

  • A Healing Hand - Can be used to persuade the healer to help the refugees at the Crossroads.

Skyhold Edit

Therinfal Redoubt Edit

  • Champions of the Just - During the initial dialogue with Lord Esmeral Abernache, he will inquire if the Herald would care to make some remarks to celebrate the occasion. The nobility knowledge perk allows the Inquisitor to state "I celebrate this pairing". If they are in the party, Cassandra and Vivienne will DAIApproval Slightly Approve, while Sera will DAIApproval Slightly Disapprove.

Winter Palace Edit

The Descent DLC Edit

The Wellspring Edit

  • The Descent - Can be used in the final conversation with Valta to remark that the earthquakes could come back.

Trespasser DLC Edit

Winter Palace Edit

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