The Night Elves were a guerrilla squad of elven archers led by Loghain Mac Tir during the Fereldan Rebellion.

Involvement[edit | edit source]

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Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne.

This squad was formed following a tense battle in the Hinterlands between the Fereldan rebels and Fereldan royalist forces. To continue to harass the Orlesian King Meghren, Loghain began to lead small groups of elven archers out after dark, making use of their superior night vision and eyesight.[1]

These fleet, lightly-armored recruits were drawn from the few city elves who followed the rebels as messengers or camp followers, and quickly distinguished themselves by defeating many Fereldan royalists as well as chevaliers. Fear grew among the enemy of the "night elves" that prowled their camps unseen, and Loghain proudly took the name for his unit.[1] The Night Elves were ultimately commissioned by Arl Rendorn Guerrin as a genuine company in the rebel army.[2]

More than once during the rebellion the Night Elves arguably turned the tide of major battles or conflicts, often despite heavy personal losses, and frequently assaulted much more heavily armored foes with success and heroism.[3] During events such as a major ambush leading to a return of Gwaren at one point to rebel control, they arguably preserved the lives of not only Loghain, but also the rebel Prince Maric Theirin and his bethrothed Rowan.[3]

During the rebels' passage through the Brecilian Forest during the occupation, the Night Elves gained further repute as "brutal killers", causing many in the occupying forces to refuse night watch for fear of "a silent arrow in the throat".[4] They played a valuable role on the rebels' behalf during the poignant battle of West Hill, as well.[5]

Following the rebellion, the contributions of the Night Elves appear to be largely lost to history and their fate unknown.

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