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Nice Crime You Have Around Here is an Act 1 companion quest for Merrill in Dragon Age II.


This quest becomes available after the completion of the main quests, Blackpowder Promise or Wayward Son, or the secondary quest, The Unbidden Rescue, or by giving Solivitus any of the three ingredients required for the secondary quest, Herbalist's Tasks.


Travel to Merrill's Home in the Kirkwall Alienage in Lowtown and speak with Merrill. She will tell Hawke of a mugging that she witnessed outside her house.

Choice 1

  • "Muggings are fascinating?"
  • "By ignoring most of it."
  • "They don't."
  • "A lot of practice."

No effect on approval.

Choice 2

  • Diplomatic "Like you?" (You can sometimes get Friendship Merrill: friendship (+5) without investigating.)
  • Humorous "It's like a treasure hunt!"
  • Aggressive "That's not always bad."
  • Investigate
    • "Feeling homesick?"
    • "Have the templars spotted you?"

NOTE: For PC V1.04 and ps3ps3, the diplomatic option does not usually yield any positive approval changes. (Tested on ps3ps3to work without investigating.)


  • pcpc (1.03) Sometimes, if Merrill is a rival, picking "Muggings are fascinating?" and then the aggressive option will give Rivalry Merrill: rivalry (+5).