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“I'm not... a hero. Perhaps trying to be one was foolish.”

Niall is a slightly pessimistic mage within the Circle Tower in Ferelden. He has heard that First Enchanter Irving has decided he is ready to mentor other students, and thinks it is likely that he will soon be promoted to the rank of Enchanter.


Like all those who are found to possess magical ability, Niall has been cloistered in the Circle Tower from a young age. He remembers his mother telling him he was destined for great things, in stark contrast to the experience of many mages, whose families fear and revile them upon discovering their potential for magic. Niall is well aware of the hatred and distrust the folk of Ferelden feel for mages, and has sympathy for the Isolationist Fraternity of Enchanters, which advocates total segregation of mages and the mundane.


Mage Origin[]

During the Mage Origin, Niall can be found talking to Senior Enchanter Torrin and can be spoken to regarding his politics and about apostates.

Broken Circle[]

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

NPC-Niall Fade

Niall in the Fade

After Uldred attempts to take over the Circle Niall leads a group of mages to try to stop him by locating and using the Litany of Adralla, which protects against the mind controlling powers of blood mages.

However after obtaining the Litany, Niall was imprisoned in the Fade by the sloth demon. Upon becoming trapped, Niall becomes hopeless and resigned to his failure to save the Circle, due to the sloth demon using his life to power its realm. After the Warden and their companions are also trapped in the Fade, the Warden encounters Niall, who helps guide them in escaping the fade. After the sloth demon's defeat, Niall explains that he has been trapped for too long in the Fade and that his body will have wasted away in the real world. He urges the Warden to retrieve the Litany of Adralla from his corpse and use it to kill Uldred.


Magi Origin Magi Origin
Broken Circle Broken Circle


  • Warden: "You're not alone."
  • Niall: "Right. Some random stranger will be my sole companion for the rest of my short, pathetic life."
  • Niall: "... I just hope I haven't disappointed her."
  • Warden: "You didn't, Niall."