New to the Crew: A Young Hopeful is a war table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Acquisition Edit

After Skyhold gets its first set of repairs, speak to Sutherland on the second floor of Herald's Rest tavern.

Operation text Edit

A note in careful handwriting from the youth who recently arrived:

To the Inquisition,

I found bandits stalking your patrols. They are the usual kind, and I can show your people where they are. I'd have tried to stop them, but they have swords, and I don't. If you have extra, I will help. I want to help.

D. Sutherland

Advisor suggestions Edit

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - N/A Edit

Not participating in this mission.

Leliana - 0:48:00 Edit

If we have the location, just eliminate them. Put the boy to work elsewhere.

Cullen - 1:00:00 Edit

If the boy knows where they are, outfit him. It is a minor threat.

Results Edit

Leliana Edit

The bandits we were warned about are gone. Tell the Sutherland boy thanks. Perhaps he can join the kitchen staff.


Cullen Edit

The Sutherland lad reported back. The bandits were cleared with minor spoils. He may have potential.


Rewards Edit

Leliana Edit

  • Gold (50-65)
  • Questline ends

Cullen Edit

Notes Edit

  • Completing with Leliana causes Sutherland to leave Skyhold.
  • Completing with Cullen opens up the next operation which can be made available by speaking to Sutherland again and choosing the dialogue option, "Keep training." This begins a chain that can span eight war table operations and one small quest.

Subsequent Operations Edit

Bugs Edit

  • While this operation can be started at any point after the first time leaving and returning to Skyhold, bear in mind that in order to complete the eight-part operation chain to its full extent, the seventh part—Sutherland and Company Missing (operation)—must be completed before starting What Pride Had Wrought. If it has not been obtained before completing What Pride Had Wrought, talking to the NPC who is meant to activate the operation on the war table will yield no results. If it is obtained but not completed for a reward upon starting What Pride Had Wrought, it will disappear from the map on returning to Skyhold after the mission.
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