New Ground is a quest received from the Favors for Certain Interested Parties Quest Board at Gnawed Noble Tavern. A power struggle exists within the guild between rogues "D" and "K." This quest is the culmination of "K"s quest line, he asks for the warden's help betraying D to the guards.


First all of "K's" friends must be given a signal. Gorim, on the south side of the market square, and Sister Theohild, outside the chantry, in the Denerim Market District, and the tranquil proprietor of the Wonders of Thedas. Talk to each and given them "K's" wink and nod and they will return the signal as expected. After all the signals have been sent, check in with "K's" Denerim guard contact. He's near the gate in the north west corner of the market. He will tell you to watch your back while traveling in Denerim.

Now, when traveling in Denerim you will have a random encounter with "D's" men, kill the Lieutenant and loot his body to reveal the location of "D's" hideout. Travel to D's Hideout, kill "D", and return to the Bartender for a reward.

Note: You may need to cause an area transition (leave and come back to the Denerim Market District, enter and leave a place of business within the Denerim Market District (for example, the Gnawed Noble Tavern, etc.), or leave and return to Denerim all together) in order to make the guard contact appear.


  • 10 DAO goldpiece trans
  • 250 exp


  • If you cast Animate Dead upon the body that contains the location of D's hideout you may be unable to get it.
  • After killing "D", the quest might not update. There are two possible reasons for this: Not all items taken from foes killed is one possibility. The other possibility is just a glitch. In either case, leave the hideout and return to the market. Then travel back to the hideout. Ensure all items are taken and check the journal. It should now tell you to return to Gnawed Noble Tavern for your reward.
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