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Neve Gallus is a Tevinter mage working as a private investigator out of Minrathous and a companion in Dragon Age: The Veilguard.


Neve has a good reputation as a private investigator.[1] She uses a prosthesis of dwarven-crafted metal to replace one of her legs, missing below the knee.[2]


Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights[]

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Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights.

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

The Streets of Minrathous
On a job for Otho Calla, who suspects that his nephew has renewed his ties with the Venatori, Neve follows Quentin Calla to the docks of Minrathous. He meets with a masked figure, who stabs him in the neck then uses blood magic to counter Neve's own spell and escape. Before Quentin dies of his wounds, he tells Neve that he's not a Venatori, and that "it's almost the Hour." She tips the templars about the murder, then reports to her patron. Otho takes the circumstances of his nephew's murder as proof that he was up to no good and considers the case closed.

When Knight-Templar Savas checks in with her the next day, Neve discovers that another suspected cultist, Lady Varantus, was murdered the same night. Wanting to find out more about Quentin's murder, she decides to continue looking into it. Joint investigation with the templars further reveals that another Venatori was killed earlier in the week, and that the murderer, Aelia, is after the enchanted clay disks the victims possessed. Despite their progress, Knight-Captain Jahvis closes the investigation into Lady Varantus' murder at the behest of the family. Aelia attacks Neve shortly after she obtains one of the disks and steals it.

Neve learns that the Venatori plan to free a powerful demon sealed under Minrathous, said to be so powerful that only a god could summon it. After Corypheus was defeated, Aelia took charge of the ritual. The clay disks are the seals to the demon's prison, blood-bound to their bearers. The murder victims were bearers who refused to give theirs. Before heading to the Catacombs to stop the ritual, Neve informs the templars of the Venatori's plot.

Though Neve is alone against Aelia and her Venatori at first, she's eventually joined by the templars she tipped off: Savas, Jahvis, and Brom. Together, they prevent Aelia from completing the ritual, and take her into templar custody. The demon is sealed once more, but not defeated. Neve then returns to Otho Calla to complete the job she was first hired to do, tell the truth of Quentin's life and death: that he'd joined the Venatori because he believed they would end slavery, then turned against them when he discovered their true nature. He died trying to prevent the ritual from happening.

Dragon Age: The Missing[]

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Dragon Age: The Missing.

BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.


Neve's dwarven prosthetic

Neve meets up with Varric Tethras and Lace Harding in Minrathous during their quest to find Solas. Neve tells them what she's heard: that Solas has been stealing artifacts from the Venatori, attacking their sites throughout the city, and freed some of their elven slaves. Now Minrathous has a bunch of rebellious elves causing trouble in the city, presumably in Solas' name, and also a load of angry Venatori hell-bent on revenge. She also says that her associates, a group called the Shadow Dragons, have been trying to help the former slaves.

Neve takes the dwarves to a place where some of the freed slaves get food in order to get more information about Solas' whereabouts. Although the slaves run at the sight of the group, they manage to catch one escaped slave. Neve explains that she is a friend of the Shadow Dragons; she offers the escaped slave coin in exchange for answering their questions. The elven slave reveals that their group does not work for or with Solas but they do hold him in high regard. The elven slave reveals Solas is planning to leave Minrathous via the canals, but at the same time, the group of elven slaves will be holding a secret meeting to discuss what they would do next and if they accepted the Shadow Dragons' help. Neve has heard rumors about a big Venatori operation happening and the group deduces that the Venatori are planning on rounding up the escaped slaves during the secret meeting in order to get revenge on Solas.

The group elects to rescue the former slaves from the Venatori ambush even if they lose their chance of catching up to Solas. Neve, Varric and Harding foil the ambush, but this gives Solas the time to escape. Neve says that she and the Shadow Dragons will help the former slaves return home or at least evade the Venatori.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard[]

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Dragon Age: The Veilguard.

Varric, Harding, and Rook seek out Neve Gallus in Minrathous for assistance in locating Solas and stopping him from tearing down the Veil. When Solas begins his ritual in Arlathan Forest, disruptions in the Veil seep through his eluvian to Minrathous. Demons pour into the city, affording Neve the opportunity to escape the Venatori who've been hunting her. She is discovered by Varric, Harding, and Rook and helps them find and use the eluvian to reach Solas. When Rook suggests they interrupt Solas's ritual, Neve volunteers to accompany them into danger. She is present when Rook destroys supports around an elven statue to disrupt the ritual, ultimately causing Solas to be trapped within the Fade while two imprisoned elven gods, Ghilan'nain and Elgar'nan, are freed.[3]



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