I don't like the idea of being surrounded by human soldiers who haven't seen a woman in months.

Nessa is a city elf encountered in the City Elf Origin, whose family is preparing to leave Denerim's Alienage.

Background Edit

The human who owns Nessa and her parents' building has decided to sell it for storage space, leaving them homeless. They are preparing to travel to the king's camp at Ostagar to work as laborers, since they cannot afford to either remain in Denerim nor to move to Highever's Alienage.

Involvement Edit

If the City Elf speaks to Nessa's father and offers to help, Nessa will approach the City Elf and express her concerns about Ostagar and the human soldiers there. The player can help her by talking to her father during A Day for Celebration quest. This will lead to one of the following results:

  • The City Elf can refuse to help her or fail to persuade her father which will result in Nessa leaving with her family for Ostagar.
  • Nessa can stay with her family in Denerim and be given enough money to open up a shop.
  • Nessa and her family be given enough money to move to Highever's Alienage.
  • Nessa can stay with the City Elf's father, Cyrion.

Notes Edit

  • Neither Nessa nor her parents are encountered or heard of again, regardless of the choice the player makes.
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