Oh! You're a rascal, aren't you? I imagine I'm going to have my hands full.

Nesiara is a sweet, attractive, young elven woman who has just arrived in Denerim's Elven Alienage and is encountered during the City Elf Origin. Cyrion describes her as "quite pretty" and "a veritable genius with crafts", Shianni calls her "beautiful", and Soris refers to her as "a dream come true".

Background Edit

Nesiara is the eldest daughter of a good family from the Highever alienage. She accompanied a trade caravan down from Highever, and has just arrived for a marriage that a matchermaker hired by Cyrion arranged with her family.

Involvement Edit

She is the male city elf player character's bride-to-be in the City Elf Origin. His father Cyrion has already paid her family a dowry, and she has arrived earlier than the player had expected. In the quest A Day for Celebration, the male city elf character has the opportunity to explore his thoughts regarding his arranged marriage on the morning of his wedding day, and the fact that, as per city elven tradition, he was given no say in the matter.

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

She is also one of the damsels in distress that the player must save. She along with Soris' fiance Valora, Shianni, Nola, and an additional unnamed elf bridesmaid are all kidnapped by the brutal and sadistic Vaughan, son of the Arl of Denerim, and several of his highborn cronies. It is up to the player and his cousin Soris to rescue them.

After the player's city elf character is conscripted by Duncan into the Grey Wardens, her family uses the dowry money to pay for her return trip to Highever. This information is revealed to the player by Shianni should he ask about Nesiara during the Elven Alienage quest.

Quotes Edit

  • "It was hard to leave Highever, but your father's matchmaker spoke highly of you, and rightfully so."
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