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Nerav Helmi is a dwarf of the Noble caste and member of House Helmi, the third daughter of the house's second matron.


Nerav is a supporter of Lord Harrowmont, believing him to be a good man and skilled general, trusted by King Endrin Aeducan, and thus more suited to become the king of Orzammar than Prince Bhelen, who she believes cares for nothing but power.

She is a potential match for Endrin's middle son, the Dwarf Noble. Otherwise, if the Dwarf Noble is a female, Nerav's conversation seems to indicate that she and the Dwarf Noble are close friends.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

Nerav is first met at the Orzammar Commons. She is an appalled witness to the murder of one guard by another that occurs when the player first enters the Orzammar Commons. She is not involved in any quests, but will talk about the two candidates for the throne from a Harrowmont-biased point of view. If the Warden is the Dwarf Noble, she will tell them that many believe they were not guilty of Crown Prince Trian Aeducan's murder. Later on she can be found in Orzammar's Diamond Quarter.


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  1. If the Dwarf Noble is a female, Nerav says "After all, under different circumstances, we might have been sisters-in-law", a reference to Trian Aeducan's impending betrothal to Jaylia Helmi mentioned in Codex entry: Trian's Journal.