Nenealeus is a Tevinter Magister known for training the finest slave fighters in Minrathous.

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Nenealeus bought Marius from Magister Erasthenes, and made him a perrepatae, a mage-killer.[1]

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BioWare canon
The plot follows BioWare's own canon, meaning it may not follow some of the player's choices in the games.

Dragon Age: Blue Wraith Edit

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Dragon Age: Knight Errant.

Around 9:40-9:41 Dragon[2], Fenris and Shirallas free elven slaves bound for Nenealeus' estate, hidden near the Arlathan Forest. Shirallas thinks the magister wants the slaves trained as mage-killers, and volunteers to pose as one of them to learn those skills.

A year later, despite Fenris' previous objections, Shirallas infiltrates a slave shipment bound for Nenealeus' estate. When Nenealeus inspects the slaves, he notes Shirallas' vallaslin, and correctly deduces that Shirallas inserted himself into his shipment in hopes of becoming a mage-killer. He takes Shirallas for training, promising to break his spirit, and orders the other slaves killed.

Three years later, Nenealeus meets with Cedric Marquette to take delivery of the sarcophagus Magister Danarius used to give Fenris his lyrium markings and abilities, planning to use it on Shirallas with red lyrium. To test Marquette's repairs of the sarcophagus, and get rid of Ser Aaron's group, spying on their meeting, Nenealeus decides to first use standard lyrium and a human test subject.

While Nenealeus is dealing with Marquette, his estate is attacked by Qunari. One of the slaves tells them that Nenealeus has secured the assistance of Magister Invidus, whose expertise on red lyrium he needs. After killing the Qunari and freeing his surviving slaves, Fenris learns of his whereabouts from one of them and gives chase.

As the first test subject they sent against Ser Aaron's group failed to eliminate them, Nenealeus decides to make half a dozen more. He promises to lift the slaves' families to the status of soporati, or Laetan if they possess magic, in exchange for their sacrifice, though also reminds them that their duty to a magister should outweigh such considerations. While they fail to kill Ser Aaron's group, they buy the caravan enough time for Nenealeus, Shirallas, and Maequette to escape on to Tenebris.

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