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Nelaros is the betrothed of the female City Elf Warden.


Nelaros is the son of a good family from the Highever alienage. The Warden's father, Cyrion, claims he is an accomplished smith. Elves in the alienage, including the Warden's cousin Soris, tell her she is fortunate to have landed such a good match, describing him as "quite handsome" and as a "dream come true." Soris even goes so far to say "I'd trade for him". He is also described as a savage fighter.


This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Origins.

The Warden is awoken by her cousin Shianni and informed that her arranged husband, Nelaros, has arrived to the Denerim Alienage early. Cyrion tells his daughter he has already paid the dowry to Nelaros' family.

The Warden meets Nelaros shortly after finding Soris during the A Day for Celebration quest. She has a few moments to converse with him before the wedding begins and is subsequently interrupted by Vaughan.

According to Soris, after the Warden is knocked out and taken to the castle by Vaughan, Nelaros is the one who spoke out against those who wished to simply "hope for the best." Soris, not knowing what to do, let Nelaros take the lead, and with help from Duncan, he orchestrated a rescue mission. Upon reaching the Warden, Soris informed her that Nelaros stayed behind to guard the end of the hall, describing him as a savage fighter. The initial goal was to meet up with him, and then figure out the rest of their plan for rescuing Shianni and the other women from the wedding party together. Unfortunately, the Warden arrives at the rendezvous point just as he is cut down and killed by a Guard Captain.

The Warden may take her Wedding Ring from Nelaros' body after he is killed.


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  • Nelaros: "Well, here we are. Are you nervous?"
  • Warden: "I was until I saw you."
  • Nelaros: "I'll spend every waking moment learning to make you happy."