Negotiate with Hasmal's Templars is a War table operation in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


The operation is acquired after completing Champions of the Just and conscripting the surviving members of the Templar Order.

Operation text

Not all templars followed the Lord Seeker. Although they split from the Chantry, most of Hasmal's templars chose to stay at their Circle, feeling it was their responsibility to deal with the aftermath of local mage uprisings and protect their remaining charges. We've sent word of the events at Therinfal Redoubt, but loyalty to their vows compelled the templars to stay. They are not eager to join those who dissolved the Order. These men and women represent the largest group of unaligned templars left–we could use them on our side.

Advisor suggestions

Note: The time listed is the time it takes with no agents.

Josephine - 0:15:00

If Hasmal's leaders put city resources toward the relief effort, the templars would have little reason to stay.

Leliana - 0:15:00

We can divert lyrium sources from Hasmal. Without the Chantry or Order providing for them, the Inquisition will look more appealing.

Cullen - 0:12:00

They must see we share the same goals. We can spare a small group to assist their relief efforts.



Ambassador Montilyet,

The city guard suddenly felt the need to assist their local templars. Hershel's situation has stabilized for the time being–and we know who helped that along.

The name does not matter if we may yet fulfill our greater purpose. Consider us soldiers of the Inquisition.

Knight-Commander Brycen


Sister Leliana,

The Inquisition has become more appealing to Hasmal's templars–it will be far easier for them to continue their work with us.



Commander Cullen,

The situation in Hasmal has stabilized thanks to the Inquisition. I noted a few templars among those you sent. Not very subtle, but you've made your point. There are greater evils and we may still work to defeat them. We simply do so under a different name.

Hasmal's templars will swear allegiance to the Inquisition. Consider us at your service.

Knight-Commander Brycen



  • 30 Influence

Josephine / Cullen

  • 30 Influence


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