The Inquisition has turned Thedas away from the true Chantry. It must be stopped.

Natalie is a Chantry Sister and former colleague of Leliana. Natalie serves at the Valence Cloister in Orlais.

Involvement Edit

This section contains spoilers for:
Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Leliana and the Inquisitor visit the Valence Cloister while investigating a posthumous missive from the late Divine. Natalie claims to be serving at the Valence chantry but is exposed as an agent for Grand Cleric Victoire in Morelle, in the Dales: a former nominal enemy of Divine Justinia V and current chief opponent of the new Inquisition.

Natalie may be killed by Leliana if her personality has remained hardened by the Inquisitor during the course of the game. Alternatively, Leliana can be convinced to let her go if softened. If she survives, Natalie attempts to persuade Grand Cleric Victoire to reconcile with the Inquisition and that her suspicions that they are attempting to overthrow the Chantry are ill-founded.

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