Ahh... a peasant. (Coughs) How delightful.

Ser Nancine is a haughty knight in Denerim that has come down with a cold. According to Slim Couldry, she taxes her vassals heavily. Slim also lists her as the second mark in the sub-quest Acquire Ser Nancine's sword as part of the Crime Wave quest line.

Involvement Edit

After receiving the mark from Slim Couldry, you can find Ser Nancine shopping at the Wonders of Thedas. She happens to be in possession of a rather expensive sword, which you can obtain in one of the following ways:

  • Pickpocket her
  • (Persuasion) Bluff that you are a store employee, and convince her to try on a dress.
  • (Herbalism) Trick her into removing all her clothes or pass out by hyperventilating. Additionally if you can persuade her to buy some medicine "for a modest fee", she will give you 2DAO goldpiece trans.
  • (Poison-Making) Trick her into drinking a sleeping or lethal poison.

Trivia Edit

Bugs Edit

  • If the sword is obtained during dialogue, it is possible to pick-pocket a second sword afterwards, unless she fainted or was killed.
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